We are Italian, we come from Rome.

We grew up near the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, between the alleys of Trastevere and Piazza Navona.

We came to Marbella and in our luggage we put the most important things we had: our Culture, our Experience, our Passion for Italian Food, our Traditions and the recipes of Grandma.

We have cooked for ever, and in Rome we manage several restaurants and resorts and we know how to host people and how to cook the dishes.

We have done so for generations.

Our philosophy is to offer our guests a unique experience immersed in Italian cuisine, made from authentic recipes, flavors, colors, scents and traditions.

At JAM, in Puerto Banus, the Pasta is homemade by hand, and the flavors are those of real Italian Food Tradition.

At JAM is all #NaturalmenteItaliano


JAM is an Italian restaurant in Puerto Banus-Marbella, 100% authentic.

We only use selected, healthy and guaranteed ingredients, and quality products with Protected Designation of Origin.

We select Fruit and Vegetables directly from local producers (Km0), the Bread is handmade, naturally rised sordough and baked in a wooden oven.

To prepare our Fresh Pasta and the Tiramisù we use free-range eggs.

It is the only way to cook great dishes of the Italian Food Tradition.

Trust in JAM Italian Cuisine!